Work Parties

Many hands make light work, and lots of fun!

Work Parties are wonderful days for so many reasons. First, we get to spend the morning with all of you! Second, we get lots of work done for the plants, the chickens, and the students. Third, the kids get to run around the farm, free to explore and have a grand ol' time together.

During the school day the kids work hard as a class, but on Work Party days they're able to get to know the farm on their own terms. It's a time of engagement and excitement! The kids also get to see their parents working on the farm, often choosing to work alongside them, which is an awesome opportunity for learning. 

We also love the opportunity for Early Childhood kids and their families to get to know the farm though Work Parties! Starting gardening class in First Grade is exciting, and it's so nice when the kids already feel comfortable and happy on the farm from time spent there with their parents. 

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