Projects Around the Farm



We have a new home for our seedlings! Through diligent planning and work, the farm has a beautiful new greenhouse where our precious seedlings are protected from the elements, including naughty birds and insects.





wooden planting boxes

To help our seeds get off to a great start, we have built special planting boxes out of hardy redwood lumber. Keeping the plants moist longer than plastic, the wood allows their roots room to grow and create a web of interconnected tendrils under the soil's surface. 






bee garden

We've planted many new apple trees and native plants to help encourage our local bee population, including those who inhabit our farm hives. The students have also been working hard mulching the bed to keep the plants and trees cool during the summer months.

Sheet mulching the lower field

Over the last few months our lower, middle, and high school students have been working hard to sheet mulch the lower field. Sheet mulching is layering soil, cardboard, and mulch to cover invasive weeds and create more topsoil through the process of decomposition. Once the field is ready, high school students will work on designing and building a variety of experimental permaculture beds, including keyhole gardens, herb spirals, and maybe even some hugelkultur beds.